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Our Mission

To understand the effectiveness of urban native ecosystem rebuilding compared to natural areas, and to communicate best practices to the public, municipalities and industry.

Urban Ecology Committee

Who We Are:

The Urban Ecology Committee is a group of civically and sustainability minded individuals desiring to improve the environment within the City of Edmonton through better urban ecosystem design and stewardship.

Our Two-Part Vision:

To encourage biodiversity, ecosystem function and ecosystem services in urban development.

To assess construction and restoration against natural ecosystems and evaluate success based on models of natural areas that have minimum alteration from urbanization or human disturbance.

What We Do:

We combine novel research on the effectiveness of techniques for rebuilding ecosystems with communication of its findings to industry, citizens and government.

Our goal is that industry partners can use best practices founded on ecological theory and experience to rebuild ecosystems. Collaborative research partnerships between industry and institutions will assess the effectiveness of rebuilding by comparing rebuilt ecosystems to natural reference sites.

We will collaborate to translate research findings into new best practices for future projects through presentations and publications, and by training students who understand and apply the new methods.